On the peninsula called “Nisi” (i.e. island), on the right side of the harbor, is the recently excavated theatre, the “shell of the Argosaronic Gulf”, our most renowned archaeological jewel dedicated to Dionysus. It was quite recently discovered (1971), and has a capacity of about 2.000 seats. Built in the 4th century BC in honour of Dionysus, it was used for the performance of Dionysian worship events.

Marble benches carved with grace and force, entice and invite us to a trip in the ancient Greek art. The Little Theatre underwent profound changes during the Roman occupation period. Its most characteristic feature are the inscriptions on the benches citing the names of donors and officials, due to which it is known as the “talking” theatre (gr. «Λαλούν» θέατρο).
Today, it comes to us in all its ancient glory and pride throughout the nights of the “Music July” Festival, when, filled with light and swamped with melodies, it touches the hearts of music lovers.
In this ravishingly magical space that is the Theatre, the visitor can hear sounds and words from the past and feel deep down in his heart the power of high poetry!