The famous archaeological site hosts a number of magnificent works impressive both for their size and their elegance. The two confronting lions of the “Lion Gate”, an emblem of Mycenae at its prime, seem to introduce the visitor into the land of the eternal and the magic! The royal yard, the palace of Atreides and a series of edifices which are believed to have been residencies of the nobility, stand there, all in perfect condition, definitely worth your admiration.
On top of the hill, the Mycenaean Citadel (Acropolis) dominates surrounded by the Cyclopean Walls. On the same hill stands the “imposing gallery” or else “catacomb of Agamemnon”. It is here that the Treasure of Atreus was found, together with his famous mask, the golden mould which constitutes one of the most controversial and mysterious archaeological findings of all times. The tomb of Clytemnestra, the Cyclopean Catacomb and the Ancient Heraion are also remarkable sights.
Today, the people of Mycenae are proud of the achievements of their ancestors and they look into the future with optimism. They are also very proud of the remarkable Archaeological Museum of Mycenae, which shelters all the amazing archaeological treasures of the region.